After five years of a wildly serendipitous and hardy journey, Follow the Buffalo Studio is shedding its current coat for a new one. Vision has always been at the very heart of my life and work; and as with every journey, vision must be constantly nurtured and rebirthed. While I'm migrating my website and logo to a new horizon, I'm taking a writer's sabbatical in a small white farmhouse by the Brazos River. A very special project is currently under wraps and a sleek new website and logo will soon be revealed. In the meanwhile, pick up a copy of my "Last Prairie" article in the final June/July issue of American Cowboy or follow my road travels at A Thousand Roads.  I'm currently booking new writing projects and consultation starting August 2017.  If you have questions or would like to just say hello, please contact me below. And wherever this finds you today, fellow sojourner, keep following your buffalo.