"You are a miracle." - Maxine Hong Kingston, author of The Woman Warrior.  

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Creative Writing

Ink pens, black Moleskin journals, my silver laptop, and a bag of cameras are never far from me. When I explore and document the world in a sojourner's narrative, I feel centered in the narratives we all share. I'm drawn to the West, to courage and kindness, to indigenous and learned wisdom, and those who forge their own intentional paths. My work has a migratory spirit, following the Buffalo Culture I subscribe to. My work has been featured in national print magazines, international poetry periodicals, and literary anthologies.

Publishing Projects

Over the past 22 years, I have served as an award-winning Nashville newspaper editor; a publications manager for the nonprofit group Hadassah House; and co-founded Outrider Literary with editor Meghan Pinson, a hybrid agency guiding authors through novel development, cross-media projects, and publishing.  I founded Follow the Buffalo Studio in 2012 to work with authors and organizations on visionary cross-media publications, and currently serve as a consultant and digital Waves editor for AROHO.


After a broad, deeply-plumbed experience collaborating with authors, agencies, and presses, I became aware of the need for more female perspectives and support in modern literature and publications. I offer manuscript critique, development, and sensitivity reading through M2CE.  I specialize in literary consultation for women's literature, children's literature, historical and spiritual genres, travel and memoir, fiction, poetry, education, indigenous history and modern culture, sustainability and conservation.  


My individual and collaborative publications have been featured in People magazine; National Geographic; Rolling Stone; Nashville's Gazette; London's Severine; NonDoc news online; ongoing hybrid publishing expert contributor for Southern Writers; and ongoing contributor for American Cowboy, highlighting indigenous history, conservation, and the role women play in the American West and modern culture. A featured work on the Cherokee Beloved-Women is slated for publication soon in A Room of Her Own's literary anthology, WAVES: A Confluence of Voices.

On assignment for a conservation article featuring historical Tejon Ranch, I brought my son with me and we rode to the top of the range with local vaqueros. While they told my son about the history of this place, I took this image of the Tehachapi Range straddling the southern Sierra Mountains.

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