Greetings! I'm Sunny Cooper. I am a writer and literary consultant who migrates between my native territory, Oklahoma, and my adopted territory, California. I've lived in a horse barn, a sea captain's house, and spent summers in Mexico, England, and Hungary. I'm currently on a writer's residency in Baja California; but my home is a thousand roads with my son and small Aussie pup in a vintage Airstream.

I am a member of the San Diego Writers and Publishers Association, Certified Professional Writers and Editors, The Shakespeare Fellowship, and a Blackbird Fellow and consultant with the AROHO Foundation. 

I founded Follow the Buffalo Studio and co-founded Outrider Literary Agency with My Two Cents Editing, which shepherded IPPY, Somerset, and Kirkus award-winning books and authors such as author, actor, and playwright, Rick Lenz; widely-read The Skeptic and the Rabbi memoir author Judy Gruen whose works appear in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Woman's Day; and National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and BBC author and producer, Aric S. Queen. While serving as a newspaper editor in Nashville, I organized literacy and volunteer programs for Salvation Army, the Boy's Ranch, and women and children's safe houses.

I contribute to various magazines such as Southern Writers, NonDoc, and American Cowboy. My prose has been internationally published in Severine and the upcoming WAVES anthology; and my author projects and collaborations have been featured in Rolling Stone and People Magazine. Alongside consultation and publishing projects, I serve on the Executive Circle with A Room of Her Own Foundation, a nonprofit organization advancing women's voices, art, and literature.


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