Greetings! I'm a writer, educator, and literary consultant who migrates between Oklahoma and California. I've lived in a horse barn, a sea captain's house, and spent summers in Mexico, England, and Hungary. I'm currently on a writer's residency working on a collaborative, international poetry and music project highlighting women's work.

I am a member of Certified Professional Writers and Editors, The Shakespeare Fellowship, consulting editor with My Two Cents Editing, editor of digital Waves, and Blackbird Fellow and consultant with A Room of Her Own Foundation.

With my amalgamation of Cherokee, French, Basque and American West ancestry, I strongly identify as a woman, mother, writer, and sojourner who asks for the wisdom of ancient paths while pioneering her own. My horizon is personal migration, stewardship, and shaping better worlds with storytelling.


“Be eternally and unswervingly loyal to the story, means no less than, Be loyal to life, don't create fiction but accept what life is giving you, show yourself worthy of whatever it may be by recollecting and pondering over it, thus repeating it in imagination; this is the way to remain alive. And to live in the sense of being fully alive had early been and remained to the end her only aim and desire. 'My life, I will not let you go except you bless me, but then I will let you go.'" - Isak Dinesen, Daguerreotypes and Other Essays

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