Two things make us good citizens of the world: Books and travel.


My specialty is creative writing and publishing projects. My writing and author projects have been featured in People Magazine, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, American Cowboy, the Red with Love Campaign and more. I have worked with authors, agents, and publishing mediums across the board. My project management experience began in Nashville when I served as a newspaper editor, and later as the Assistant City Director for CSM's non-profit coalition, implementing and managing literacy programs and multi-cultural volunteer projects.

As a perpetual writer, I keep red pens and black journals in my travel bags. A quote by David Whyte gets me right in the flank, "Let all worlds pass except the one to which you belong." The storyteller's world is mine. When I explore the world we live in, I feel centered in our shared narrative. To hire me for a writing project, come say hello


I provide specialized consultation for authors and writers pursuing publication. My technique is often called book shepherding, since I guide and coach writers through the writing and publishing process, with special attention to a writer's goals, talents, and niche audience. Over the years, I've honed Vision Mapping consultation and a self-paced e-course curated from my experience of working with authors, agents, and publishers; this program is designed to help writers and visionaries ask and answer the three most important questions in your writing, platform, and publishing goals and provide necessary bootstraps for your unique, particular vision. Vision is the green sap that propels your best work into bloom. Let's chat.

As an expert in my field, I regularly contribute to Southern Writers Magazine and co-founded a boutique author services & consulting agency, Outrider Literary. 

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