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Welcome to Follow the Buffalo, specializing in creative writing and publishing projects. Work with Me.

Why Follow the Buffalo?

People often ask me: Why Follow the Buffalo? I subscribe to a Buffalo Culture philosophy in both work and in life. 

Passion Projects

Vision is the soul of Follow the Buffalo. Giving back is the heart. Read about my current Passion Project.

About Me

My name is Sun Cooper. I am a writer and consultant based in Oklahoma with a seasonal writer's residency by the Pacific.

Somewhere on the road, probably listening to a podcast or Lisa Gerrard's A Thousand Roads. A native Oklahoman with inherited migratory spirit from a French-Cherokee grandmother and Basque ancestors, I will always be drawn to wide open spaces. 

Taken during my Blackbird Fellowship at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico in August, 2015. I now serve as editor for digital Waves and consultant on the Executive Circle with A Room of Her Own Foundation, a nonprofit for women writers and artists.  

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